Who are your clients?

And more importantly…

What are they thinking?

The Profit Attraction Formula helps you learn how to attract your ideal clients
so you can have a successful, profitable business.

The Profit Attraction Formula is for you if:

  • You’re not working with enough ideal clients, because
  • You don’t feel comfortable marketing or promoting your business, so
  • You’ve grimly tried a lot of different marketing and business tactics and they haven’t worked for you, and
  • You’re beginning to doubt that you can do this, so
  • You’ve lowered your prices in a desperate attempt to get clients, but
  • You’re still craving that freedom-based business that you see others creating and talking about!

When you know what makes your customers respond – or run away – you’ve got the gold!

Everyone has a Core Personality Template, and each Core Personality Template reacts in a unique way.

How do you talk to an Emperor on a mission, or a Hermit on retreat?
What message will the distractable Fool respond to?
Learning how to Align yourself and your message with your ideal clients is the first step in the Formula.

Learn how to attract and keep your ideal clients, charge what you’re worth, and revel in that feeling of freedom!

What You Will Learn


Your Profit Attraction Mentor
Sue Wilhite

For over thirty years, Sue has been helping small to medium sized business owners get clear on their vision, discover their gifts and strengths, and deal with their challenges. Her diverse interests and background provide the basis for her profound understanding of what her clients want and need.

What her clients say:

I can positively say Sue Wilhite helped transform me from the Queen of Overwhelm to the Duchess of Calm. I recommend her highly to anyone who seeks to clarify their goals, understand their blocks, get unstuck, and move towards greater success.
– Diane H., Freelance Writer


She had a profound insight into the way I carried myself in the world, and when she brought it to my attention, it was a major “aha!” moment for me…my career, health and relationships have blossomed in ways I never dreamed possible. And it all started with Sue’s insight and guidance. I am eternally grateful.

– Deva D., Actress


Sue can communicate with all people; she is very professional and committed to her clients.

– Susan B., Shop Owner

What is the Profit Attraction Formula?

My unique process contains three parts to guide business owners to increase their income more easily. 

Part 1: Align to Profit – 
(Core Personality)
The Client Personality ebook is the first step, followed by a detailed webinar with deeper understanding of the Personalities and how they impact your business.

Part 2: Permission to Profit
(Core Transformation)
An interactive, live workshop that goes through the steps to transform you and your business into profit-creating success.

Part 3: Promote to Profit
(Core Expansion)
Once you know who you are and where you’re going, my coaching program helps you create the roadmap to get there.